Vulkamon - Monitoring of volcanic activity

Vulkamon - a software product designed to monitor volcanic activity, including for Yellowstone.

- View and record video from a webcam on RTMP and RTMP+SSL.

System requirements:
- Microsoft Windows, 32 MB of RAM
- Linux (Wine)

Composition of the product:
Yellowstone - View and record video in original quality.
You see that at the moment gives the camera.

Installation. Download Vulkamon.exe. Make sure that the folder the program will be able to record video. Do not put it in Program Files, Windows, and other protected folders. In the Documents folder, it works.
Run. Wait for the pictures. Immediately begin recording the video. To stop recording, file and record another - click on the file name.
Placement of video. All video files are added to the folder with the program and are numbered according to the current time and date. Most fresh - in the end.
Screenshots. Click on the buttons at the bottom right below the video to make a screenshot and save it to a file, or simply burn it to the clipboard:
- The picture in the original PNG - 960x540, generally greater than 500 KB
- Snapshot window PNG - can change the display window, then the file size is 200 KB, depending on the window size.
- The picture window in the buffer - Works like PrintScreen, however, it is automatically saved only frame of video. Further, in any program, you can insert, resize and save it in the desired format.

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