Acsocad - software suite, aimed at the solution of scientific, educational and industrial problems of simulation, synthesis and identification.

It includes modeling products, synthesis and identification of objects and systems containing linear and nonlinear elements with stationary and nonstationary parameters. 

To perform the tasks of modeling, synthesis and identification of commonly used specialized software. However, do not always want to use bulky and far not free software. Furthermore, some of them do not allow for identification of systems and models of objects with arbitrary relations between the elements and the known input and output data.

The developed software is fully autonomous and is an analogue of VisSim and MATLAB Simulink.

Development: 2016.
Is III generation products containing SimACS (2012).

- Simulation of linear / non-linear, stationary / non-stationary continuous systems in the time domain;
- Synthesis of the parameters of the root by regulators;
- Identification of linear / non-linear, stationary / non-stationary continuous systems in the time and frequency domains;
- Graphical representation of dependencies.

System requirements:
- Microsoft Windows 95, 5 MB RAM
- Microsoft Windows 98, 6 MB RAM
- Microsoft Windows XP, 8 MB RAM
- Microsoft Windows 7, 9 MB RAM
- Microsoft Windows 8, 6 MB RAM
- Microsoft Windows 10, 6 MB RAM
- Linux,Ubuntu (Wine), 13 MB RAM

Product composition:
SimACS - simulation and universal identification in the time domain;
SintACS - the synthesis parameters by controllers of the root;
GraphACS - graphical builder;
ItACS - identification of linear dynamic objects in the time domain;
IfACS - identification of linear dynamic objects in the frequency domain.
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